About Tizzer Services LTD

TizzerToys creates, designs, manufactures, sells and markets a wide variety of unique Toys.

TizzerToys is a company founded in 2018 as a continues business with 15 year’s experience whose objective is to bring new, modern, innovative and fun toys.

TizzerToys has an experienced team who’s providing the best product development from engineering, sourcing to production.

TizzerToys offers great reactivity all the way from production to the suppliers.

We love to go through all the stages of an idea comes to life as a cool toy, that is why we welcome toy inventors from all around the world.

TizzerToys will escort you !!

  • Sourcing
  • Engineering
  • Monitoring and control of manufacturing process
  • Quality control during production
  • Shipment
Tizzer Services LTD