TizzerToys Safety statement​

Our company TizzerToys develop and manufacture toys and distributing them with a great international success under the brand name TizzerToys.

We develop of our toys and focuses on the fun factor of creating it, the suitability for children and the safety of the toys. This is why our toys are developed exclusively by our own experienced team.
The materials that required for production undergo a careful selection process. We work and trust suppliers that well known for their reliability and quality and exist many years in the market.

Throughout the production process, we monitor and control all the required steps until the products shipped and arrive to the customer. All of Tizzer Toys products are subjected to tests that are performed by an independent and liable testing institutes and comply with all standards applicable to the safety of toys in each and every country where our products are sold and distributes, e.g. EN71 in Europe and ASTM in the USA.

Even the small number of products or the small parts that are produced and managed by our contract suppliers are subjected to further in-house testing before the products arrive the customer and are sold. Tizzer Toys products are also tested by independent testing institutes following the known European and American standards applicable to the safety of toys (EN71 and ASTM, respectively).

Thanks to this careful procedure, the TizzerToys consumers and our business partners can rest assured that we use all options available to us when it comes to producing and selling safe and liable products.

The TizzerToys Top Ten Toy Tips

1. Buy toys only from liable stores.

2. Make sure that the toy is suitable for kids and check the age range.

3. Be extra careful with toys for children under 3 years old.

4. Aware of young children that are playing with older children’s toys.

5. Check for small parts or loose hair, sharp edges risky materials.

6. Make sure that garden swings and slides are not at risk of strangulation hazard.

7. Check the toys regularly and dispose them if it is necessary.

8. Keep play areas tidy.

9. Follow the product instructions and warnings provided.

10. Supervise young children at playtimes.

Battery Safety

Many of TizzerToys toys are battery-powered. Sometimes problems can occur, however, if the batteries are not used correctly or as the manual indicate, follow our battery safety tips

Always take care to fit the batteries the right way, observ the + and – marks on the battery and compartment.

When replacing the batteries, use the same type and always replace a complete set, not only one.

Always make sure to remove spent batteries from toys, never dispose of them in such a way that they will come into contact with fire.

Store unused batteries in their packaging and away from metal objects which may cause them to short circuit.

Never charge ordinary batteries either in a charger or by applying heat to them

Small batteries, such as the small disc-shaped batteries used in some watches, electronic games and hearing aids, present a choking danger or, if not caught early, can do serious damage to the gastrointestinal system. Never leave them lying around and make sure that children know not to put them in their mouths, ears or up their noses. See our button batteries page for more information and advice

Young children should not charge batteries. If older children are allowed to remove or charge batteries, they must be carefully supervised by an adult at all times.