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Qubic 4

Do your old regular board games bore you? Are you looking for a game that will unleash your inner brainiac? Qubic 4 is your answer to playing the ultimate mind-squeezing board game! The first of its kind 3D game that will add a challenge to game night!


     Based on the popular Four In A Row

     First-of-its-kind 3D board game

     Two-player strategy game

     A fun and challenging game for kids, teens, and adults

     Engage in a thrilling game with friends.


Challenge your besties and your competitive family members to a game of Four In A Row but in 3D! Make the right choice with the best strategy and game plan that will get you to claim victory.


With Qubic 4, you get to battle with your friends and family while having a thrilling and exciting gaming experience! Made for the ultimate thinkers, win this board game by creating a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern before your enemy does. Defend your path and block their chances before it’s too late. Make your move and dominate the cube with your blocks! Each player gets a set of 32-piece Red or Natural Wood cubes.


Are you up for it? Do you have what it takes to be a winner, or are you a challenger? Find out now and conquer game night with Qubic 4!


Game Mechanics:



  1. Open box. Place the box cover and button aside separately.
  2. Divide all 64 wooden cubes into 2 groups: 32 red cubes, and 32 natural wood cubes. Place it into the cover and button separately.
  3. Each player will have their own set of cubes: One player gets red cubes, and the opponent gets the natural cubes.
  4. Two players put their cubes into the 3D quad and go on head-to-head.
  5. The first player who creates a row of four cubes with their color in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal wins the game.
  6. Each player can block their opponent’s cubes to block them from forming their row of four cubes.